Completing the Family: Welcome Twenty Acres by Bogle Chardonnay

We are so thrilled to complete our Bogle Chardonnay family by introducing Twenty Acres to the fold.

Johner Estate Presents Lime Hill

At just over 1ha, the Lime Hill Vineyard production is tiny but premium. So called because of it's phenomenal…

New Releases from the Legendary Cristom

From one of Oregon's finest producers and one of the best values in the world of Pinot Noir, Cristom Vineyard's latest…

Focus On: Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

Happily for us at Dhall & Nash, wine is everywhere these days, but so too are misconceptions about our favourite…

Photo of Flowers wine bottle and wine glasses on table
Focus On: Chardonnay – The American Dream

It’s as American as Mom’s apple pie...

Kosta Browne: Putting Californian Pinot Noir on the Map

Introducing Kosta Browne, one of the greatest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers in the world.

Woman standing next to wine barrel drinking wine
The Bogle Legacy: Jody Bogle & The Reserve Chardonnay

The Bogle Reserve Chardonnay oozes decadence - it's heavy with tropical fruit, nougat notes and melted butter.

Bottle of white wine sitting on table
The Bogle Legacy: A Chardonnay That Knocks Our Socks Off

Bogle Chardonnay is ranking as one of the top selling Californian Chardonnays in New Zealand right now.

The Golden Trio: Virginia Dare

If you’re anything like us (and we know you are) a good story behind a wine makes it all the more enthralling.

Phantom Chardonnay bottle
The Golden Trio: Phantom by Bogle Vineyards

Self described as ‘hauntingly delicious,’ this wine is big. It fills a room (and your mouth) with its presence.