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Château Climens, also known as the “Lord of Barsac” is indeed a very noble wine.

The estate is situated in the village of Barsac, within the Barsac-Sauternes appellation, on the left bank of the River Garonne in Bordeaux and was first officially registered in 1547. In over four and half centuries, the property has only ever belonged to five families. Barsac Sauternes is a tiny enclave in the Graves region and is known for producing some of the finest sweet wines in the world.

The Château Climens vineyard area covers 29 hectares. The terroir is extremely chalky, with limestone, sand and clay which is ideal for growing Semillon.

They say that if Château d’Yquem is the epitome of power and concentration, then Climens is the epitome of delicacy, finesse and complexity, and produces one of the greatest sweet wines in Bordeaux.

These wines can be enjoyed whilst they’re young, when they are fresh and vibrant, yet they also have great aging potential and will develop and take on different flavours as they mature. They are intriguing and almost mystical and can be enjoyed at any stage of their development. We hope you enjoy your Chateau Climens, when, wherever and with whom you decide to open a bottle of this rare and exquisite wine.

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