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The Niepoort family were Port shippers of Dutch origin that have been making Port in the Douro Valley since 1842. It is a relatively small Port house but with a big reputation! Despite being the second smallest shippers in the trade, they are second to none in quality.

Originally, the company used to buy its grapes from small growers, but since the end of the 80s Niepoort has invested in their own Quintas (vineyards). This is largely thanks to its 5th generation brother and sister team, Dirk and Verena Niepoort.

In the winemaking arena, Dirk is also a passionate advocate of the traditional method of “treading” by foot to extract maximum colour and flavour. Their Ports are all made at the old Museu de Lagares in Vale de Mendiz, which has the last remaining circular granite Lagares (low stone troughs) in the Douro.