JJ and Puneet enjoy the sun and the vines on the Sensational Waiheke Island
JJ and Puneet enjoy the sun and the vines on the Sensational Waiheke Island
Left: JJ pours a sample of our 2014 Folium Sauvignon Blanc for a customer to enjoy. Centre: Striking a pose in front of one of his favourite lunch spots on Waiheke Island – Tantalus Estate. Right: JJ trundles along, leading the way around Waiheke Island with his trusty trolley of delicious wine.

Jean-Jacques Bourvis is an essential element of the D+N Team…

… JJ’s character and passion for both wine and life is infectious. He may be the eldest of our team in years, but is easily the youngest by heart. I had the pleasure of spending a day in the field with JJ and also Aimée – our graphic designer.

JJs hand cannot help but wave excitedly as he speaks about the new wines he is bringing to the table.

For our sins we visited JJ’s clients on the ever-sensational Waiheke Island. From the start it was clear to see that JJ is loved by his clients. As he walks through the door a smile lights up on their faces. JJ jumps in the air at a jaunty angle and clicks his heels together, and then the maestro begins his work. He listens attentively, and draws on his passion and old world experience to make insightful suggestions, and then with a twinkle in his eye he bids bientôt. Life just wouldn’t be anywhere near as exciting or rewarding at D+N without our JJ.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful clients of Waiheke Island. Its clear to see that you are all as passionate about fines wines as we are, and we had an incredible experience at each and every establishment that we visited.
View across the Bay
JJ and Puneet survey the stunning view out over the waters lapping at the shores of Waiheke Island