Sourcing the correct image for this was difficult. This might not be Terre Brûlée, but it is in the Swartland area.
Terre Brûlée: from Tania & Vincent Carême

Terre Brûlée is a passion project for Tania & Vincent Carême. Founded in the Swartland region, these are distinctively…

Panoramic view of fields in the Loire Valley
Focus On: The Loire Valley

We all know that France has so many famous wine regions which means that the Loire Valley sometimes gets overlooked...

Staff Wine Focus with Tori Haysom

"Vincent Carême's "Le Peu Morier" is the epitome of what I call magic and is my current love..."

Festive Picks: 2015 Vincent Carême L’Ancestrale

Delicate and creamy on the palate with a long, lingering finish. The nose holds hints of toastiness and white fruits.