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Domaine des Pothiers is situated in Côte Roannaise where they have a vineyard of the Loire Valley, located at the south part of the river, near its springs. Settled on hills overlooking the Loire and forming the foothills of the Massif Central, their vineyard is small, with only slightly more than 230 hectares (568 acres) of vines planted on the best granitic hills, between 400 and 500 meters (1200ft to 1500 ft) of elevation.

The Pothiers family has been on this land for centuries. Vines occupied most of it and some cows were raised on the plots that were too wet for vine cultivation. The most recent generation has been making a shift toward biodynamic practices in the vineyard and the results are paying off.

If you haven’t yet tried the Eclipse Methode Ancestral, made from 100% Gamay Saint-Romain, a unique and local clone of the Gamay grape, we recommend you start there as your introduction into this unique and stunning winery.

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