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Odile and Jean-Max Manceau bought Domaine de Noiré in 2001, since then they have devoted themselves to returning the vineyard to its former glory.

The philosophy of the domain is to offer quality wines that accurately reflect the landscape in which they have been nurtured. As a result, all the vintages possess delicacy, elegance and character. Domaine de Noiré and its respected wines are situated at Noiré, first classified as an area producing top quality Chinon wine at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Domaine pride themselves on their certified organic production and biodynamic cultivation of their vines.

There are three main soil types on the Domaine, perfectly differentiated in their wines.

A “clay-siliceous” origin, an ancient Miocene beach on the south-facing highlands of Chinonais . These areas covered with flint stones accumulate heat to release it during the night. These are soils where the fruity expression of the wines is particularly interesting and we manage the plot with this objective.

A “grave” origin where the vines are planted on old gravelly terraces made up of coarse elements with a clay content of less than 15%, except for the underground part, which the roots reach easily, limiting any water stress. These are very early filtering soils where the management of the vines must be perfectly controlled.

The last “limestone” type origin , the famous tuffeau de Loire, a permeable rock where the vine expresses itself wonderfully. These are soils with high potential, very favorable to the vines, which provide the grapes with great concentration when the yield is perfectly controlled.

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