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Causse Marines is a domaine in Gaillac, France. It was named such after the local river that ribbons through the property (Marines) and the limestone soils (Causse).

On their vineyard of 12ha, the winery strives to honour the native grape varieties that have historically been grown in the region of Gaillac. They are controlled by Quality France – that is, a certification for organic farming, their methods of cultivation prohibit weed killers, insecticides and any synthetic molecule.

“This estate affirms its convictions through firm, straight and very personal wines.” – La Revue du Vin de France

Just like the Domaine owner, Patrice, the wines are full of character, fun, and personality. Patrice studied Oenology in Bordeaux and often jokes that he learnt winemaking the wrong way around! One of the more fun and playful wine labels in our portfolio, donning a clown-like nose and playful eyes. We hope this wine puts a smile on your face, just like it does to ours.

And if that doesn’t give you enough of an idea about the character of these wines, here is our favourite quote from the Domaine: “We can make organic wine without having long hair and smoking grass! One can make natural wines that don’t smell like a cow’s fart.” – Patrice Lescarret.


You can visit Causse Marines’ website here