On the Hill of Mountford with Puneet

“I recommend to all serious collectors – you must have some of the ‘The Gradient’ and ‘The Rise’ in your cellar” 


Mountford Estate is an icon. Lisa-Perotti Brown of acclaimed Global wine reviewer erobertparker.com believes Mountford Estate to be one of the three greatest New Zealand wineries currently. As I clambered up the hill (I do this every time I visit the Estate), and saw the perfectly dense and tightly formed clusters of Pinot Noir – I knew – ‘these wines are just getting better and better’.


The vineyard is well-established now at 25 years old, although owner Kathryn Ryan states “We’re still just a pup”.
 In the last two years, Mountford Estate have also decided to switch off the irrigation and let Mother Nature’s rainfall feed the vines. Yes the vines are working harder for their sustenance and vigour, but having tasted the barrel samples for last year, the refined tannins and myriad of flavours are simply compelling and beguiling – just as they should be in Pinot Noir of Grand Cru Standards – and the Gradient and Rise are truly Grand Cru.


Kathryn has put her heart and soul into this Estate, and its’ continued and ever increasing quality are a testament to her endeavour. Kathryn won’t like me saying so, but she has referred to herself as ‘Mrs Mountford’ – and she really has been – from pruning to batonage to making sumptuous dinners during vintage for all staff – Kathryn has been fully immmersed in the business for over a decade.


Both Kathryn and Mountford Estate’s values come from the land. ‘Respect the land and the land will give’.  The Hill and surrounding Estate of Mountford are truly giving in spectacular fashion.


 I recommend to all serious collectors – you must have some of the ‘The Gradient’ and ‘The Rise’ in your cellar – if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some!




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