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NEW ARRIVAL: Champagne Charles le Bel NV Brut ‘Inspiration 1818’ by Billecart-Salmon

“Long may the champagne flow.”

During these inflationary times many wine drinkers may be tightening their vinous budgetary belts and vowing to sip more thoughtfully in 2023. We hear you! We feel your pain!

And we know that Champagne has always symbolized the “good life” and is the reason Champagne is inextricably linked to a wonderful lightness of being, to happiness and to celebration! In these challenging times, we sure need a generous sprinkling of sparkling.

Champagne in France is an anytime drink, and in NZ, we’re not far behind them – Champagne can be drunk whenever you want, with whatever you want. So, when there’s a global shortage with prices skyrocketing, we said ENOUGH! Our customers will not be sacrificing their quality Champagne tastes by resorting to rummaging in the bargain bins.

Dhall & Nash rapturously welcomes to our shores – Champagne Charles Le Bel ‘Inspiration 1818’ by Billecart-Salmon. This is the NZ debut of “Baby Billecart”.

Image by yeven_popov. on Freepik

“Tout ce qui est petit est mignon!”

– everything that’s small is cute!

Rather than reaching for the big brands with big price tags this year, perhaps you should dive into something “smaller”— you won’t be disappointed by this hidden little gem that doesn’t sacrifice an iota of class and taste – Champagne Charles Le Bel ‘Inspiration 1818’.

Every year, legendary Grande Marque Champagne Billecart-Salmon vinifies base wines from more parcels than it actually needs for the production of its main cuvées. Some of the wines are bottled to be part of their secondary wine, Charles Le Bel, often served in Parisian bistros and First Class airlines in France – it’s Billecart quality at a very approachable price.

The Allure of Champagne Billecart-Salmon

Read More About Billecart

The oldest continuously family-owned Champagne House, Billecart-Salmon was founded in 1818 by the marriage of Nicolas Francois Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon. For over two hundred years, the House has developed a renowned expertise in crafting fine, elegant, and beautifully balanced Champagnes. From the beginning, their heirs have never stopped aiming for excellence in winemaking. Today led by seventh generation Mathieu Roland-Billecart, each family member has endeavoured to pursue the family tradition and stay faithful to the same motto: “give priority to quality, strive for excellence.”

Consequently, in Billecart-Salmon’s secondary label nothing is sacrificed. They oversee and handle everything in the vinification of Charles Le Bel champagne. The grapes come from a mix of vineyards with a portion from their younger vines. The entire operation, including the “dégorgement” and dosage take place in the cellars of this famous champagne house. This is an absolute guarantee of origin, quality, and character!

Champagne Charles le Bel NV 'Inspiration 1818' Brut by Billecart-Salmon

A delicious, classic champagne with aromas of brioche, almonds, and pears. It is a great value Champagne that offers an exceptional opportunity to get a premium champagne without breaking the bank.
Very fine and crystalline bubbles, golden yellow light. Impressive nose, with aromas of brioche, almonds, butter, apple, and pear. A beautiful stroke, mineral, very good balance between acidity and roundness, citrus fruits, and long finish
Sparkling and crystalline with fine and plentiful bubbles. A blooming nose with harmonious notes of butter, white flesh fruits as well as Mirabelle plums and dried fruits. A well balanced mouth, structured thanks to the greatness of the Pinots Noirs, with flavours of white flesh fruits. The Chardonnays bring to this wine a refreshing finish with notes of citrus fruits and pepper.


  • Chardonnay 37%
  • Pinot Meunier 30%
  • Pinot Noir 33%
  • Reserve wine 70%

4.1 Stars on Vivino

Good value for money. Similar wines usually cost 55% more.
Top 4% of wines from Champagne
Top 2% of wines in The World

“Clear pale lemon in color with medium plus intensity and notes of Brioche, bread dough, melon, apple, orange zest and lemon peel. This wine is dry with high acid, low alcohol, medium plus body and a medium finish.”
– Max Sheets, most upvoted review

“Lots of citrus notes. Lime, lemon, pear and apple. A bit of brioche in the finish. For the price. Fantastic. Stand up next to bottles more than double the price.”

“Quite outstanding. Loved it a lot. Amazing mix of yellow apples, apricot, baked apples. Some brioche too. Hints of citrus, very very subtle.”

“Really light champagne. Great flavor and small light bubbles that are super refreshing. Comes from the Billecart-Salmon house. For half the price as well.”

1818 Image by 'Two More Glasses'

Charles Le Bel is great value and also a great chance to obtain this calibre of champagne for not only magnificent celebrations but also for any and every other occasion when the sound of a POP is essential to having some fun!

Stop reaching for more familiar Champagne names, do your wallet a favour and dive into something “smaller”—you never know what a hidden gem you may find with Champagne Charles Le Bel ‘Inspiration 1818’.

Trust the sleuthing palates of Dhall & Nash!

The Quirky Cool Stuff

Yes, the 1818 of Charles Le Bel references the foundation date of the esteemed Champagne house Billecart-Salmon…

…but did you know that ‘1818’ is an ‘Angel number’! What the heck is an angel number you ask. It has a very positive spiritual meaning. Believe it or not, the 1818 Angel Number message is a sign that you’ll meet your soulmate if you’ve been searching for your perfect match – and at a time when you least expect to. Pop that bottle now and see what happens! ☺