Harvest 2016 was started with a small panic.

During my business trip in US, I found several posts of the beginning of harvest 2016. I asked my winemaker friends if they have started. And the answers were NO!! What’s a relief!

Normally I have a cup of tea when I am back from overseas trip, but this time I directly run into the vineyard. Fruits were almost ready to pick.

Without having time off to recover from jetlag, I spent next few days preparing for the harvest.


Harvest started on 17th of March for a block dedicated for Reserve Pinot Noir, followed by younger block for Estate Pinot Noir.


Dry farming has been introduced to Folium Vineyard since 2011. However we decided to irrigate once in November. Instead of 130ml of rain for Long Term Average, we only had 16ml of rain in October and November. After the dry spring we had beautiful growing condition with moderate amount of rain.


Sauvignon Blanc for Reserve was harvested on 1st of April just before rain came in. Fortunately rain was only 20ml compare to what they predicted 60ml. Wind blew off after the rain which helped to dry Sauvignon Blanc for Estate. With a generous ripening condition, all our grape had a fully ripe flavor with lower sugar level in 2016.

I am excited to see the end result and share opinion with you.