Domaine Hubert Lignier: The Mystique, Seductiveness, Finesse of Burgundy Personified

A True Dhall & Nash Wondermaker

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Domaine Hubert Lignier. This is a domaine that is held in high esteem by both vignerons & Burgundy lovers alike. With the next generation young gun winemaker, Laurent, creating expressive sensual wines to further solidify the domaine’s place amongst the top tiers of the Burgundian winescape.

The domaine owns 8.3 hectares of some serious Burgundian real estate – principally in the villages of Morey-Saint-Denis (where their home and cellars are located), Gevrey-Chambertin, and Chambolle-Musigny. And recently, the Ligniers have expanded their holdings to include parcels in the appellations of Nuits-St-Georges and Pommard.

How to define Domaine Hubert Lignier’s style?

“Wines that bring pleasure, sometimes emotions, but never taste alike.”

The Tale of Domaine Hubert Lignier

Domaine Hubert Lignier is a five generation family estate established in 1880 – the wine business continuously passed from father to son. The current patriarch, Hubert, now in his 80s, put this domaine on the map with a series of very impressive vintages made in a bold style with both oak and extraction judiciously used to an elegant and structured effect. In 1992 Hubert was joined by his son, Romain, who further fine-tuned their production without making any significant stylistic changes. Tragically, at only 34 years of age, Romain died from a brain tumour in 2004.

By 2010, Hubert’s other son, Laurent, joined the family business after having worked at Albert Bishot in Beaune. Laurent is the next generation of this proud estate to assume the mantle of vigneron.

Laurent summarises the domaine’s aim as:

“aspiring to make authentic and sensual wines that express their own terroir.”

His philosophy also reflects the current context of many young winemakers creating understated and gentle wines with minimal intervention. Blessed with some amazing old vines in legendary terroirs, Laurent is making wines of thrilling purity and elegance.


“I like terroir to be the dominant characteristic so it’s a little less new oak than was once used.” – Laurent Lignier

Laurent Lignier has a changed approach in his winemaking compared to Hubert. Now there are more whole clusters being used (up to 25%) when historically, all were destemmed. He does a little layering of the whole clusters and destemmed grapes, cooling the tanks for 5 – 8 days before the onset of fermentation. Laurent uses this extended cold soak maceration period prior to fermentation to achieve greater extraction. Only natural yeasts are used and no racking is done after the completion of malolactic fermentation. All see carefully restrained barrel elevage of 10 – 33% new oak from the Bourgogne to the Grand Cru, and Laurent uses four different coopers because he likes the variety and diversity – no strong toasts though. There is no fining of the wines to further preserve their freshness and support their ageing potential. Everything in the winery is gravity fed including at bottling and with minimal sulphur used. In summation, there is a methodology and understanding of these incredible terroirs that creates extraordinarily complex and laser-like focused wines of distinction.


“In the cellar, patience is the key”
“Each vintage has its own inner strength”

In Burgundy, perhaps more than elsewhere, the influence of the vintage is essential. Every vintage marks and inspires the wines.

2016 Vintage – Freshness and Depth. “the quality of the fruit gave us rich, deep nectars with incredible freshness! A vintage with outstanding potential for bottle ageing that is sure to stand out in tastings.”

2017 Vintage – Finesse and Discretion. “a vintage that succeeded in conserving the characteristic pinot noir style with smooth elegant tannins. The wines offer exceptional precision …with overt floral aromas. This vintage is ready to be enjoyed much earlier than its predecessor.”

2018 Vintage – Maturity and Smoothness. “the wines have been drinking well and are characterised by rich, smooth black fruit. These wines have an undeniable potential for bottle ageing but also very enjoyable in their youth.”

High Acclaim

From “humble” beginnings, bottling small amounts of two different cuvées of Morey-Saint-Denis as well as the fabled Clos de la Roche, Domaine Hubert Lignier now bottle an impressive range of wines that have received high acclaim from critics all around the globe:

Tim Atkin MW’s article “Top 25 Côte d’Or Red Wine Producers to Watch!” dubs Domaine Hubert Lignier as ”an increasingly impressive domaine…” and John Gillman has been quoted calling their cuvées “Charm personified.” High praise indeed, even for Burgundy.

Domaine Hubert Lignier has a deservedly revered reputation which has put them on Puneet and Brandon’s radar for some time now. Not only was Morey-Saint-Denis a favourite terroir, but also the chance to have a young up-and-coming Burgundian vigneron like Laurent in the Dhall & Nash stable was a ‘fait accompli’. So, 3 years ago, when Laurent invited them to meet and taste they had absolutely no hesitation. It is an honour for Dhall & Nash to have a precious allocation so that our New Zealand clients experience this range of vinous jewels.

Check out our full range of Domaine Hubert Lignier wines below:

2016 Domaine Hubert Lignier Chambolle-Musigny Vieilles Vignes
2016 Domaine Hubert Lignier Gevrey-Chambertin
2016 Domaine Hubert Lignier Morey-Saint-Denis
2016 Domaine Hubert Lignier Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru Chenevery
2016 Domaine Hubert Lignier Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Didiers
2017 Domaine Hubert Lignier Bourgogne Grand Chaliot Pinot Noir
2017 Domaine Hubert Lignier Chambolle-Musigny Vieilles Vignes
2017 Domaine Hubert Lignier Gevrey-Chambertin
2017 Domaine Hubert Lignier Morey-Saint-Denis
2017 Domaine Hubert Lignier Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru Chenevery
2017 Domaine Hubert Lignier Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Didiers
2018 Domaine Hubert Lignier Bourgogne Grand Chaliot Pinot Noir

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