June 13, 2018|In Recipes & Pairings

Recipe: Beef Stew with Sweet Wine | Daube au Sauternes

Beef stew with Chateau Climens wine

Recipe by Danièle Tassoni courtesy of Chateau Climens.

Serves 6 people


200g per person of beef cheek or hock, sliced
4 carrots, sliced
1 large onion, sliced
200g fresh mushrooms, sliced
2L beef stock
2 bottles of sweet wine (try Chateau Climens)
1 lemon


  1. In a cocotte, cook onion in oil and butter until translucent. Remove from cocotte.
  2. Deglaze the cocotte with a splash of wine.
  3. Add a small amount of olive oil followed by the sliced meat. Add salt and pepper as desired.
  4. Once the meat has been seared, add the onion and carrot slices.
  5. Mix in a small amount of flour, followed by the sweet wine and beef stock.
  6. Leave stew to cook on low heat until soft (approx. 1.5hr)
  7. In a pan, sauté mushroom slices in butter and baste with some lemon juice.
  8. Remove the meat from the cocotte and reduce the sauce.
  9. After reduction, add the cooked mushroom and meat to the stew and let sit for a few minutes before serving.
  10. Enjoy!