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Nat Cool is naturally “cool and funky”. It represents an innovative concept initiated by Niepoort, in which various producers came together to create light and easy-to-drink wines. Dirk Niepoort spearheaded the project when he realised consumers were keen for authentic, yet fun and casual wines that were made naturally, with less flounce but with all the same respect for intensity and taste. The Nat Cool wines come standard in 1L bottles as opposed to the usual 750ml so there’s more to share and love.

The Nat Cool rules are:

Rule number one, there are no rules! Always respect the first rule. Less is more. Cooler = Less extraction, less mess. Authentic, cool attitude. One litre bottle. Cool price. The incredible lightness of the being.

“Fun, inventive, and totally living up to its namesake, Nat Cool is, well, very freaking cool.” – Shawn Binder for Dieline