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The Barros family has grown Albariño grapes since the 1970’s. José Barros planted 10ha of vines, which at that time was one of the most decisive commitments to the Albariño variety as well as one of the largest vineyards in Galicia. The winery was founded under the name Maior de Mendoza.

Although, these days, it is one of the references of the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin, Maior de Mendoza holds on to its family business roots, values and passion for the Albarino variety. This is the commitment of the technical staff led by Cristina Mantilla, one of the most important oenologists in the country.

“Each one of our wines is produced through different vinification processes, continuing the differentiation of work carried out on the vineyards throughout the year to create wines with their own hints and characters, although all are from the Albariño variety. But there is no doubt that the process that has made us famous and different from the rest of the Rías Baixas DO is the use of lees, in which we have been pioneers, a technique we have been applying since our first harvest, when it was almost unknown in Galicia.” – Maior de Mendoza.

A fascinating grape, Albariño, as no one has quite been able to understand exactly where it came from. Perhaps it was the Germanics in the 5th century with their peninsular invasions who brought it from Central Europe (hence the phonetic “dawn of the Rhine” .alba rhino), or perhaps the Romans took the wine of Amandi and brought the Albariño, or the Phoenicians in their sailing and trade from the east brought it from the Caucasus  One thing is clear, though, and that is it definitely belongs in this wineries hands as it produces absolute wonders out of it.

Contact us to request a sample of an Albariño and we will be thrilled to introduce you the world of Fine Wine starting with this absolute beauty.

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