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The Clouet family history began in 1492, and the current generation, including Chef de Cave, Jean-Francois Clouet, still live in the family home built in 1741. “My family was making wine in Champagne at the same time Dom Pérignon was starring!” he told Tyson Stelzer. The history of the family perseveres in the labels – originally designed in 1911, and are a nod to the family’s prior history printing books for the French Monarchy. André Clouet wines have a steadfast approach they take in the vineyards – they like traditional, hands-on vine management and respect and care when tending to the soil.

 “…an upcoming rockstar of Champagne. He is inherently talented as a winemaker, keenly insightful, at once deeply rooted in his family’s history and yet daringly creative, with a distinctly modern twist to his approach.” – Tyson Stelzer describing Jean-Francois Clouet


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