On Wednesday 10th October we held a winemakers degustation at Kazuya Restaurant with special guest Takaki Okada of Folium Vineyard.

“Kazuya and Folium, what a match. I felt like Jack on the Titanic in such a beautiful dimly lit restaurant with more cutlery than I am used to – including chop sticks, a butter knife and multiple spoons. The service was impeccable, I almost didn’t notice they were there. The artistry of the dishes took most of my attention coupled with the outstanding quality of Takaki’s wines. The Sauvignons matched gracefully with every dish, not trying to take attention away from the dishes but also not shying away. The duck with Takaki’s 2013 Folium Reserve Pinot Noir was my favourite match, the concentration of his wine stood up to the duck and the dark fruits lingered after each bite. A great evening all and all and I can’t wait to visit Takaki in his winery to taste the wine amongst the vines – but if I’m honest, mostly to meet Ponsonby the goat.”

– Tori Haysom