August 11, 2020|In News, Puneet's Corner

Cold Storage Facility: The Big Chill(er)

We all want to age gracefully, and wine is no exception!

Once again Dhall & Nash is at the forefront of New Zealand’s wine merchant industry having invested in a state-of-the-art temperature controlled wine warehouse to house our wine at an optimum and consistent temperature.

Our facility, constructed in collaboration with our warehousing partner Rohlig Logistics in April 2019, houses every single one of our wines (that is over 1,000+ different lines!). We may be considered a smaller bespoke player in the wine distribution biz but this structure shows our immense commitment to our wines, our suppliers and to our clients.

Right from the time our wines leave faraway shores, travelling in refrigerated containers to arriving in our Auckland refrigerated warehouse, then into your glass, Dhall & Nash is dedicated to ensuring every wine arrives in primo condition.


All wine lovers appreciate that wine is a delicate living thing. It can only tolerate a very narrow margin of temperature fluctuations. At higher or at variable temperatures, wine will age faster and not necessarily in the desired way as the process becomes more volatile. To truly showcase our wines as the winemakers intended, storing them at the proper temperature is a no-brainer. There is really no excuse for storing wine poorly – now, at the DN refrigerated warehouse, all wine is stored at a constant 14°C.

Obviously the “Big Chiller” has some serious dimensions, being large enough inside to play a bit of “warehouse rugby” – that is an enormous 5,500m3 which translates into being able to fit in over half a million bottles of delicious vino! Still a bit more space left for future exciting products to be added to our quality portfolio.

We are proud to be NZ’s first wine distributor to house their entire stock in one “Big Chiller” ensuring our wines arrive in your glass just as the winemaker expected – now that’s commitment!

Space also available for our private clients & connoisseurs:

There are few things worse for a wine collector than finally opening that special bottle for a special occasion, to then find its contents have withered and dulled due to poor storage!

Wine storage temperature is critical to the optimum preservation of your wine, and when set correctly, you will experience the full flavour, aroma and character your wine is capable of delivering. Hence Dhall & Nash, with our state-of-the-art refrigerated warehousing, will enable you to side-step future disappointment by offering this perfect wine cellar alternative.

The service we offer is only $1.50 per month per 12 bottle (12 x 750mls) case. We can inventory your collection in your own Virtual Cellar. Conveniently, you can deposit, collect or have your wine delivered with just 48 hours notice.

Needless to say, this facility allows your wines to mature slowly and gracefully and you will yield the vinous rewards of a well-cellared precious wine.

Read what one of our customers had to say about storing their wines with us:

“I had been researching temperature controlled wine storage for my collection of Te Mata Coleraine. I’d run out of space at home and needed a secure, cost effective storage option. I discovered DNFW was offering private storage at their newly constructed warehouse and was pleasantly surprised by the very economical storage fees. While it’s not a large collection, my investment in it is into five figures so security is important. Pickup was arranged and I now have my favourite NZ red wines safely cellaring at the correct temperature, and available whenever I need to access it. I will be sending more wines to this warehouse in the near future.”
– Craig Hudgell


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