Cocktails & Recipies

Strawberry Negroni

By Ash Bartlett from Tobi in Ponsonby, Auckland

Taking a time-tested fave and adding an in-season summery spin.

  • 20ml 144 Islands No.2 Vermouth
  • 20ml Strawberry & Vanilla Syrup (Recipe below)
  • 15ml Amaro
  • 25ml Gin

  1. Stir down, serve short over ice
  2. Garnish with half a fresh strawberry

Strawberry & Vanilla Syrup
  1. 250g Fresh Strawberry combined with 70g sugar, 70g water & 4g vanilla paste
  2. Sous-vide at 50C for one hour
  3. Rest & strain

Taking a time-tested fave and adding an in-season summery spin is the Strawberry Negroni. All the classy, bold sophistication you could ever want with a fresh, flirty fruit twist.

144 Islands Vermouth No.2

Vermouth No 2. by 144 Islands is a red base wine of Syrah. Fortified to 22% abv with grain-based spirit, approx. 190 g/L residual sugar. Kerikeri Navel Oranges, Totara Bark, Pohutukawa, Kauri, Northern Rata, Kahikatea and Matai locally sourced or foraged by hand by owner, Jake and his son Remy. Botanicals macerated in alcohol, then distilled through rotary evaporation and added back to base wine at fortification.

Stranger & Sons x Four Pillars Trading Tides Coastal Gin

A limited edition gin like no other! Introducing Trading Tides Coastal Gin, a dry gin distilled in India with Australian botanicals leading the charge.

A unique botanical blend inspired by the Indian ocean separating India & Australia – Juniper, White Pepper, Anise Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle, Rivermint, Angelica, Liquorice, Indian Coriander, Grapefruit Peels, Dried Mangosteen, Kokum and Tamarind.

A bright and crisp coastal gin that marries with the strawberry notes perfectly.