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BESOS IS THE ready-to-serve Margarita for the discerning, pedantic and unyielding cocktail connoisseur.

The best pre-mixed Margarita out there, even better than most freshly bar made cocktails
 – Michael Meredith, Celebrity Chef

Blue Agave for the best margarita

Made with 100% Blue Agave

By mixing together the iconic palate pleasers of sweet, sour, and salty… you get the humble Margarita, and there’s a reason why it’s the most-ordered cocktail in the world…

Besos is the supremely slurp-worthy Margarita premix that’s been crafted to heavenly perfection by Mexican maestro, Chef Luis Cabrera, blended from his signature recipe of premium ingredients and ready to serve straight from the bottle.

It’s about as good as it gest – and all the mixing is already done!
 – Peter Gordon, Celebrity Chef

Besos Margarita Mix

Margarita Clásica
22% ABV / 700mL / 20L

Blended with premium ingredients and 100% Blue Agave to Chef Luis Cabrera’s signature recipe, Besos Margarita full-strength Clasica is ready to go! Shake with ice and pour on the rocks to experience the authentic taste of Mexico. To elevate the experience, add a little of Besos’ signature chili salt to the rim of your glass – oomph!

Triple Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Margarita Ligera
7% ABV / 200mL

The newest addition to the Besos family is the Ligera – the Besos Margarita answer to a handy RTD! Released just this year, the Ligera is a full flavour Margarita based on the original Besos Clásica signature recipe, with 100% Blue Agave Tequila – the only RTD Margarita in NZ to do so. A perfect balance of sour lime, smooth blue agave and floral citrus, underpinned with that wonderfully satisfying sweet and salty flavour that leaves you in no doubt it’s fiesta time!

Besos Margarita mix also comes in a can yo
Besos Margarita Chilli Salt (it's gooood)

Margarita Margarita Chili Salt

Elevate your Margarita game with the Besos ready-made Chili Salt! Pre-mixed with the perfect amount of heat to dial up the va-va-voom on your Marg’ without any extra hassle, in a handy 45g tin.