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Mention the Rhone Valley to anyone around the world and a small chapel (“La Chapelle”) perched upon a vine clad hill is likely to be one of the first images that springs to mind. La Chapelle in Hermitage is one of the finest and most iconic vineyards in the world. It belongs to Paul Jaboulet Aîné.

Almost two centuries ago, this famous vineyard was established by Antoine Jaboulet. During the latter half of the twentieth century Gerard Jaboulet worked tirelessly to promote Rhône Valley wines around the world, further increasing their reputation. In 2006, Jean-Jacques Frey bought Paul Jaboulet Aîné. The Frey family have become increasingly important in the French wine industry.

Of course, you cannot mention Paul Jaboulet without including the name Caroline Frey. She is currently the winemaker and viticulturist for Paul Jaboulet Aîné. Fast becoming one of the top winemakers in France, she is following biodynamic practices and with the installation of a brand new gravity flow winery she is producing stunning wines, striving to make them better and better each year.

A favourite wine among the team at Dhall & Nash, the Domaine’s P45 and VDF are very good quality wines and massively punch above their weight. When ready, you can then move up the ladder to La Chapelle, as mentioned, the iconic Fine Wine from the Hermitage region.

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