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Kosta Browne has been making wine for almost 20 years, under the guidance of its three founders, Dan Kosta, Michael Browne and Chris Costello. They started out with little more than a shared love of Pinot Noir and the desire to go and make some of their own.

For the first decade or so they worked hard with little pay-off. They scraped by and said it was quite the test of their resolve. But in 2005 after 9 years, interest in what they were doing grew and they began to gain recognition for their winemaking style. The long awaited ‘overnight success’ struck and the challenge become less one of ‘staying alive’ to one of trying to keep up with the attention and demands while continuing their commitment to quality. A difficult feat, but one they proved to be possible. From then, critics have been singing their praises and their wines are coveted the world over.

“Central to the story of Pinot Noir’s steady rise in California has been the improbable ascent of a small Sonoma winery, started more than a decade ago by two waiters who pooled their tips so they could make wine.

With no formal winemaking training, Dan Kosta and Michael Browne stumbled along a path of trial and error. Their first Pinots weren’t inspiring, but since 2002, they’ve made 66 wines that have earned 90 points or higher—though they don’t own a single vine and make wine in a rented warehouse. In 2009, the greatest vintage yet for California Pinot, the team—which now has the financial backing of Vincraft—made 11 outstanding Pinots, including our Wine of the Year for 2011.

The Sonoma Coast bottling showcases Browne’s meticulous winemaking and the quality of their grape sources. Making a few hundred cases of great Pinot is hard enough; making nearly 6,000 cases is an admirable accomplishment.”
– Wine Spectator after awarding the 2009 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast the #1 Wine of the Year for 2011